Who We Help

We help patients


We help patients needing at-home hourly nursing care or personal care services.

We take pride in our unique approach to home health services. Our belief in attracting and retaining top caregiver talent and treating them like gold while they are here results in happier patients and higher-quality care.

Who We Help

We provide home health services for all ages - from babies to the elderly.

Atlantic Care Services - Who We Help


When a child is coming home from the hospital for the first time with nursing needs, we are here with experienced nurses to help.

Atlantic Care Services - Who We Help


Our Pediatric-trained nurses are ready to care for children of all ages.

Atlantic Care Services - Who We Help


We offer long term care for adults requiring around the clock care by experienced nurses.

Atlantic Care Services - Who We Are

CMS Recipients

We are a top provider for families with CMS in Florida, we are here to help.

Managed Medicaid Assistance Recipients

We provide services for all Managed Care Organizations in Florida.

Private Pay

For those uncovered by insurance, we provide services for patients willing and able to pay privately.

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